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13 Football teams. 5 School classes. 20 400 000 Calories daily. 10 200 Kilos of talent.

We are expanding and need 150 new Vapianisti

We are expanding and need to fill a new Vapiano in the Mall of Scandinavia with new Vapianisti and also employ our five existing Vapiano in Stockholm. In the fall, we will employe 150 new lovely Vapianisti. We will train and give them experience for their continued work, with us or other employers, whether we are dedicated to developing all who want the best. To find future talents we have group interviews weekly at our restaurants where they will meet our absolute coolest and best shift managers and restaurant managers who themselves are participants in our Vapiano bootcamp to become top leaders. Are you eager to work with us or do you know someone who is cool and would love to please share the link.


Vapiano, we put our people first, even before our guests. The reason for this is simple and what we little dorky call the "wheel of fortune", which means that if our staff are happy and thrive on Vapiano, they will spread joy among colleagues and guests. They will meet you as a guest just as happy and glorious as we wish. You as a guest will hopefully be happy and put a smile on your face and take it with you from us. Hopefully you tell a friend or colleague about your visit to Vapiano. Next time you will bring a friend, and we get more guests, and can put more money into training and recruiting, more talent and so continuing the wheel to spin with positive energy.


Vapiano is an Italian concept with freshly cooked-to-order delicious Italian dishes of Pasta, Pizza and Salads with an unique ordering system. Order at counter and pay on way out.

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