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Our new Specials – your all-time favourites make a comeback

Featuring semi-dried tomatoes, succulent prawns and air-dried Italian ham, our Specials menu for March and April is guaranteed to leave your mouth watering. For two months only, your all-time favourite recipes from the last fifteen years are returning, so get set to celebrate their revival. Ready, steady, eat! 

We’ll kick things off with a delicious salad. Our Insalata Levante is back on the menu and features baby spinach, a wild herb mix of red chard, dried dates and creamy hummus.

The most popular pizza and pasta dishes over the last 15 years 

There’s a couple of treats in store for pasta lovers too. Our Pasta Estiva comes with succulent chicken breast, semi-dried tomatoes and a ginger sauce. And if you like seafood then Vapiano’s Scampi Piccante is for you. Savor juicy prawns with courgette, green pepperonis, semi-dried tomatoes and basil pesto. A dream combo.

It was about two years ago that we first introduced our Risotto Filetto di Manzo con Vino Rosso. And now this creamy rice dish with fillet of beef, red wine, mushrooms and lovely vegetables is also making a well-deserved comeback. Mmmmh! 

Pizza Saltimbocca was one of Vapiano’s most popular choices on 2015’s January and February Specials menu. After all – who can resist the taste bud popping toppings of Italian air-dried ham, semi-dried tomatoes, fresh sage, mozzarella and our tomato sauce? 

Guests looking for a lighter option can look forward to our celebrated potato soup with spring onions and oregano. Top with crunchy croûtons or fried bacon bites.

And last but definitely not least: our Mousse al Cioccolata con Chili Dolci! A chocolate dream with a cool mint and a slightly spicy note. Simply unforgettable. 

It feels so good to be back. Peruse the new Specials menu today to see if one of your old favourites is celebrating its revival.  And if not, try something new. There’s a reason these “golden oldies” have made it back onto a Specials menu after all! Buon appetito!

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