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Quinyx CEO first to partake in Vapianos Shift Challenge

Thursday December 15th,  Erik Fjellborg, CEO and founder of Quinyx, tried heading up a Vapiano restaurant in full rush. Erik was the first country to participate in the Vapiano "Shift Challenge".

The Shift Challenge is an event created by Vapiano CEO Hanna Mannberg. The theory behind the challenge is that if you can manage to lead a shift in Vapiano - you can handle most leadership challenges you may face in the workplace.

"We want the Shift Challenge to showcase what challenges our young talented employees face every day and on every shift. Our mission is to develop future leaders and by inviting leaders from other industries, we want to highlight what a good boot camp for the future that our business provides.

I'm incredibly happy that Erik Fjellborg from Quinyx was the first to adopt our challenge. Which idol and role model as a leader", says Hanna Mannberg, CEO of Vapiano Sweden.

Erik Fjellborg founded Quinyx 2005. Erik has since built the company into the Scandinavian market leader in workforce management.

 "I accepted the challenge because it was a unique opportunity to learn more about one of our key customer segments - hospitality. Running a restaurant requires excellence in operational skills and structure. There are quite a few functions and individuals who need to co-operate to enable a restaurant to run efficiently. With well over 50 employees on a daily shift, there are plenty of communication and planning challenges to manage.

- My most important takeaway from the day was having the opportunity to work with such passionate and highly skilled workers. Vapiano has developed a world-class on-boarding process that make sure each employee has the right skill-set and also lives and breathes the right type of culture", says Erik Fjellborg, CEO and founder Qiunyx.

Thank you Eric Fjellborg for a brilliant effort!


You can read more about Erik Fjellborg experience of the Shift Challenge on the Quinyx website.




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