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Vapiano launches ”Small Format”

A little smaller but as fresh and lovely.

Now it's finally time for Vapiano to launch a concept on a smaller scale so that restaurants can be opened in more Swedish cities. Vapiano Sweden, on behalf of the group (Vapiano International) has developed "Vapiano Small Format." We are now looking for a suitable venue for this world first.

Vapiano in its current form requires large areas and firmly large flows of guests. In the current situation requires about 650-1200m2 and 800 or more guests on average per day for the concept to be established successfully. It works well in major cities and some larger shopping center, but is challenging in smaller towns, smaller neighborhoods in major cities and between large shopping centers.

Therefore, we have developed what we call "Vapiano template format." The aim is to establish itself in smaller premises of 400-600m2 and run a good operation that work even with average guest flows of 400-500 guests per day. Format will of course deliver a lovely "Vapiano experience".

"I think the small size is a very important part of our future concept development for Vapiano. While we are working in the process of renewing us to continually be relevant, we want the template formats open up offices in cities with around 100,000 to 150,000 inhabitants and thus reach far more people in Sweden ". Christian Lagerlof, CEO of Vapiano Sweden and Norway

Since Vapiano Sweden has developed the small format concept it will also be tested as a pilot here first. There are yet no scheduled first opening of Vapiano small format, but the ambition is to quickly find a suitable location for this purpose. Tips and suggestions are appreciated.







Throughout the world, on all continents and in more than 150 Vapiano's you can enjoy our fresh and homemade food. Vapiano is an international concept that serves Italian food in a lovely and continental atmosphere. With us, freshness and people are always at the center. Sweden's first Vapiano opened at Sturegatan in Stockholm in 2007 and since then several opened in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg.

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