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Wonderfully good pasta and pizza without gluten

- More and more people today live a gluten-free life and are often forced to not only remove good food from their diet, but also to lower their demands in terms of taste experience. With our gluten-free products, we wanted a pasta and pizza that live up to the Vapiano standards of quality and that tastes good - whether you are gluten intolerant or not, says Charlotte Shingler, Communications & Marketing Manager Vapiano.

- Our guests have long called for a gluten-free pasta and pizza options and we really want to meet this demand. After much hard work to develop recipes, product testing and trying to create safe procedures to manufacture our own home-made gluten-free products, we have concluded that in the present situation the challenge is too great to reach the high safety demands production of gluten-free products require. Therefore, we have chosen to work with two of the leading experts in the gluten-free food market. The products we have chosen are of the highest quality and are produced in a guaranteed gluten-free environment, says Kristin Lagerström, Category & Purchasing Manager Vapiano.

- The pasta has similar properties to pasta based on semolina flour with the right texture and taste like pasta from Vapiano should taste - delicious and al dente! The pizza is big, thin and with great taste. We have tested the products for a period of Vapiano Kungsbron and have had a great response from our guests. We are very happy and proud to now offer gluten-free options at all of our restaurants, continues Kristin Lagerström.

The gluten free pasta or pizza base option is available to order in all Vapiano in Sweden from 2 June 2016. More information about the gluten-free products can be found in our ABC of Freshness on the Vapiano website under "G" for gluten-free.


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